Richard's Riposte Part III
5/10/2006 (updated 5/10/2006)

I loved your version of "Red Wine Promises" on the "Shining Through" tribute. What tuning did you use on this?

RT: I think it was a drop D. Whatever I did was a pale imitation of Martin Carthyís beautiful work on the original.

Hi - since first hearing "Gethsemane" in 2004, I've gone to Richard's concerts at the Aladdin, Bimbo's, Britt, the Fillmore & Montalvo. So I'm spoiled here on the west coast, and worried that my RT groupie days are over when I move to Taos, New Mexico in August. Does Richard ever tour in New Mexico? If not, has there been any effort to get him there?


Mimi Fox

RT: Youíre not the Mimi Fox who plays that slinky jazz guitar, are you? In which case it is I who am disappointed that I wonít see you. If you are some other, merely mortal Mimi, I must report that my visits to NM are infrequent, We used to play Albuquerque and Santa Fe, but not much lately. I did a festival in Taos about 2 years ago.

How did Eumundi, QLD come to be on your recent Oz schedule? I have seen you in Glasgow, Edinburgh and several times in Sydney (where it was a 3 hr round trip). But Eumundi is just 20 mins away from my new home and there is bugger all else around here. Did your driver get lost on the way to Noosa? Hopefully you will remember to include it on the next visit.

RT: I really loved being able to play some smaller towns on the recent OZ tour. The Eumundi crowd was great, the venue fine, we had a blast! I hope we get asked back.

Any plans for Texas? Specifically, Dallas?

RT: We were most recently in Austin, but thereís nothing down for Dallas this year.

You must have been asked the question many times. I'd like to know what tuning you're using in "Roll Over Vaughan Williams" on "Small Town Romance. (capo?) I'm posting from France, I'd really like to learn that song. I hope you'll get back to that style in your coming records.

RT: This is in DADGAD. I donít think I used a capo.