Part II, Elucidations
8/22/2006 (updated 8/22/2006)

Any word on when the songbook is going to be available? The last update on your website is from April 26. I hate to bother you, but I just went through the divorce from Hades and I want to learn everything I can from Rumor and Sigh.

I’m just proofing it –Volume One could be ready for Christmas. Maart is well through Volume Two already.

I'm interested in Sufism. Can you recommend any groups.

If you’re in the US, I’m sorry, I don’t know any. 

Spiritually, what books have you read that made an impact?

Here’s a few that got me thinking…

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones (forgotten the author)

The Tao Of Physics – Fritjof Capra

Letters Of A Sufi Master – Shaykh Darqawi

How the hell have you got the guitar tuned for "I'll Tag Along"?  I've /almost/ gotten it right but it is driving me nuts!

Tuning is standard – the B modal feel of the guitar part is created by playing a B chord that leaves the top 2 strings open and ringing through.

I'm just enjoying the DVD. Can you tell me what the music is that plays over the menu? I think the very moving end credits music is a solo guitar rendering of the Bonnie St. Johnstone melody(?) but I can't pick the former and neither seem to be credited anywhere.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the 1000 Years of Popular Music DVD, including the instrumentals which play during the the main menu and over the final credits.  I can't find any details on these two pieces, and would love to know more about them if possible.  Thanks.

The tune for the menu is ‘Do It For My Sake’, from the CD ‘Strict Tempo’. The end credit theme is indeed an instrumental version of ‘Bonnie St. Johnstone’

I recently saw some footage of Fairport c. 1970 performing at an open air festival, "Now Be Thankful" being the featured tune. The film started with some helicopters making a racket and Simon Nicol explaining that they'd have to wait until the helicopters went before starting again (to which you can clearly hear RT shouting "Piss off!" before the song starts.

I would therefore be interested to know if this footage is actually available, and if the rest of the gig exists - I hope this description is good enough to narrow it down!

The film was shot by Tony Palmer. I forget the title, but it featured Fairport and Matthew’s Southern Comfort, and although I don’t think it includes the whole show, it’s at least an hour in length. As to where it now is and who owns it, and whether it’s currently available, I have no idea…readers?

It was wonderful to be able to get hold of the Island reissues of your mid-70's albums with Linda a while back, so I was wondering if 'First Light' and 'Sunnyvista' will ever receive the same treatment? Are there any plans for these to be re-released on CD? Please tell me it will be so!

These are among the very few recordings of mine that I own. I would be keen to see them released. We are currently looking for the strangely misplaced master tapes.

I know Fairport shared a few venues with Pink Floyd back in the late 60's and with the recent passing of Syd Barrett on July 7th, I was wondering if you remembered Syd or was he already replaced by David Gilmour (who performed a lovely version of your song "Dimming of the Day" on a DVD release a few years back) by then?

We played many shows with the Floyd, and Syd was obviously the fount of creativity for the band, It’s a shame he wasn’t able to sustain life as a musician. You hear his unique spark on the early recordings -  after that the band became a bit more predictable. I love Dave Gilmour’s playing, and am honoured that he would do my song – bless you, sir!