Elucidations postscript
8/26/2006 (updated 8/26/2006)

I recently saw some footage of Fairport c. 1970 performing at an open air festival, "Now Be Thankful" being the featured tune. The film started with some helicopters making a racket and Simon Nicol explaining that they'd have to wait until the helicopters went before starting again (to which you can clearly hear RT shouting "Piss off!" before the song starts.

I would therefore be interested to know if this footage is actually available, and if the rest of the gig exists - I hope this description is good enough to narrow it down!

The film was shot by Tony Palmer. I forget the title, but it featured Fairport and Matthew’s Southern Comfort, and although I don’t think it includes the whole show, it’s at least an hour in length. As to where it now is and who owns it, and whether it’s currently available, I have no idea…readers?

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For the chap who wanted to know about the 1970 Fairport footage shot by Tony Palmer:


This film was shot at Maidstone on 5 July 1970. I was there! It was then shown as a short feature in cinemas supporting Pink Floyd live at Pompeii, if I remember rightly. That was the last I saw of it, until a limited edition video appeared with the merchandise at Fairport gigs a few years ago. Perhaps the lads can provide more information about its re-release. I have number 620, but I don't know how limited the edition is or was. As well as production by Tony Palmer, it features narration by John Peel.

I haven't watched it for a while, but certainly don't remember RT telling anyone to piss off. In fact he is quite bashful compared to the dominant axe-wielder we see on stage today.