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8/27/2006 (updated 8/27/2006)

25. I read that the Clissold Arms in Fortis Green has a small collection of Kinks memorabilia and it occurred to me that they and Fairport may have crossed paths in the middle to late sixties. Did Dave Davies stand Fairport a round of Light and Bitter in the John Baird? Were you inspired at all by Ray Davies' songwriting? And which Pub should host the shrine to Fairport Convention? Brian Wigglesworth:

RT: A generation in popular music is only about three years, but that's long enough to have completely missed the Kinks socially. We saw them play at Fortis Green Youth Club and Hornsey Art College, but they were soon on the hit circuit, and disappeared from local view. Songs like 'Waterloo Sunset' were up there with 'Penny Lane' as early examples of writers dealing with British subject matter in pop music. I think Ray is one of the greatest songwriters we've ever produced. Probably one of those pubs in Cropredy -the Brasenose? - should hold the memorabilia collection of broken fiddle bows, Troubadour bar bills, and Guiness Book Of Records testimonials.

26. I'm wondering why you haven't recorded your setting of Shakespeare's "Full Fathom Five" verse from "The Tempest," and apparently have dropped it from the 1000 Years setlist. (I heard you perform it at Joe's Pub and found the music gorgeous - "something rich and strange" indeed! (The lyrics ain't bad either). Jesse Hochstadt

RT: It would have been on the Joe's pub CD, but we felt there were pitch issues that counted against it. I'd love to capture a better version.

27. You are well-known as a bearded man. When was the last time you were clean-shaven? Andrew Waller

RT: Really clean shaven - about 1974. My wife has no idea what I look like. And maybe that's a good thing! I am not closed to some experimentation in the future, but I'll never keep up with one of my boys, Honourable Number One Son, who goes from full beard to goatee to moustache to clean-shaven every time I see him he is altered - yet his popularity with the fairer sex never seems to falter. I was on tour with Fairport in the US in 1970. We had been travelling hard, and I was taking a long afternoon nap. There was a knock on the door - it was Swarb. I was having a hard time waking up, and couldn't understand what he was calling for, and why he kept thrusting his chin under my nose. It must have been frustrating for him, for I failed to notice for fully two minutes that he'd shaved exactly half his beard off.