RT back in the Studio!
10/25/2006 (updated 10/26/2006)

RT returned to the studio in early October to begin recording tracks for the next band release. The studio, House of Blues, is located in Encino, CA.

Musicians on these first sessions were:

Michael Hays - rhythm guitars
Michael Jerome - drums & percussion
Taras Prodaniuk - bass guitars

RT & Simon Tassano are co-producing with HOB house engineer Doug Tyo running the board for the tracking sessions.

Further sessions will be held in December with Danny Thompson on double bass.

Release is planned for sometime in the first half of 2007

Michael Hays, Taras Prodaniuk, RT, Michael Jerome

The boys deep in playback mode

Doug Tyo, Michael H, Simon Tassano, Taras, RT and Michael J having too much fun!