Simon and the Magic Bucket
12/7/2006 (updated 12/7/2006)

Villa Montalvo
Saratoga, CA
November 29, 2006
photo courtesy of Pam Winters

Richard Thompson's long-time Sound Engineer/Road Manager, Simon Tassano, guards
the 'all request' bucket at last Wednesday's show at Montalvo's Art Center.

Here is the complete set list:

The Spell is Broken
See My Friends (Kinks song from 1000 years)
Lucky in Love
Keep Your Distance
Hots for the Smarts
Wall of Death
Rockin' in Rhythm
Solitary Life
I Am the Walrus
Great Valerio
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
King of Bohemia
Why Don't Women Like Me
Bank Vault in Heaven
Missie How You Let Me Down
Dimming of the Day

1st Encore
Louie Louie
Galway to Graceland

2nd Encore
Oops, I Did It Again
Read About Love
Freebird (ad lib)
Tme Has Told Me
The Sun Never Shines On The Poor