Montalvo Ė your requests
12/20/2006 (updated 12/20/2006)

Here are the totals for the song requests cast into the Bucket of Fate at the Villa Montalvo show (29NOV), in descending order of popularity. 166 votes were cast, for 109 different songs. 5 slips were spoiled, illegible, Ďplay what you likeí, or suffered from Ďhanging chadí. Multiple requests in the same handwriting, or on the same slip were discounted.

7 votes:
1952 Vincent Black Lightning

5 votes:
Wall Of Death

4 votes:
Dimming Of The Day
Hots For the Smarts
Tear-Stained Letter

3 votes:
King Of Bohemia
See My Friends

2 votes:
Why Donít Women Like Me?
Galway To Graceland
When The Spell Is Broken
Great Valerio
Uninhabited Man
One Door Opens
Calvary Cross
Just The Motion
Nearly In Love
Poor Ditching Boy

1 vote:
Alexander Graham Bell
Did She Jump
I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow
How will I ever Be Simple Again?
Shelter From The Storm
God Loves A Drunk
Word Unspoken, Sight Unseen
Train Donít Leave
So Ben Mi Cha Bon Tempo
Man In Need
Honky Tonk Women
Strange Affair
Hard Times Come No More
Kinks (Anything)
High School Confidential
I Feel So Good
Fully Qualified
Bloodshot Eyes
Angels Took My Racehorse Away
Why Must I Plead?
Canít Wake Up To Save My Life
Bathsheba Smiles
Love In A Faithless Country
When I get To The Border
Beat The Retreat
Hokey Pokey
Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman
Walking On A Wire
Shaky Nancy
Canít Win
Mingus Eyes
Loch Lomond
Time To Ring Some Changes
Jimmy Shands
Blackleg Miner
Dock Of The Bay
Push And Shove
Flammes díenfer
Razor Dance
Hot Dog
Killing Jar
Sam Jones
Dadís Gonna Kill Me
Willie Of Winsbury
Louie Louie
Grizzly Man
Sun Never Shines On The Poor
Visions Of Johanna
Happy Days And Old Lang Syne
Read About Love
For The Sake Of Mary
Rockiní In Rhythm
Hard On Me
Love You Canít Survive
Crazy Man Michael
End Of The Rainbow
Time Has Told Me
Heart Needs A Home
When I Am Laid In Earth
Mother Knows Best
Pretty Ballerina
I Am The Walrus
Little Beggar Girl
Story Of Hamlet
Down Where The Drunkards Roll
Better Git It In Your Soul
Crash Unto Me
Waltzingís For Dreamers
Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog
Sumer Is Icumen In
Sights and Sounds Of London Town
Choice Wife
Now That I Am Dead