Autumnal Answers (October/November) Part Three
12/19/2006 (updated 12/20/2006)

I love your finger-picked version of Persuasion - can you please provide the tuning and capo position? Any tips on playing it? Also, on a totally unrelated topic, could you provide an account of your experiences recording with Nick Drake? Would love to hear any thoughts or memories you might have regarding those sessions. Do you remember the guitar you used during the sessions? What was Drake using (guitar-wise!)? Joe

On the original soundtrack of Sweet Talker, I played this in D major Ė opening chord is an F sharp minor (F sharp, C sharp, D, A from low to high). On stage Iíve played it with drop D tuning in a G shape at capo position 3, 4 or 5. This means the first chord would be a B minor shape but with an open 3rd string.

On Nickís records, I always overdubbed onto existing rhythm tracks. I played a gold top Les Paul with soapbar pickups on Five Leaves Left, and a mid-sixties Strat I bought from Ed Carter (New Nadir) on Bryter Layter. I only ever saw Nick play his small-bodied Guild guitar.

I went to an RT show some time back, and he opened with a rollicking number called "Mr. Stupid" or maybe it's "Mr. Stupid's Back In Town" about a divorced guy making alimony payments (I think). Anyway, loved the song. Will it be on the new album? Paul

Itís on the short list. Glad you like it!