Liege & Lief re-union
1/16/2007 (updated 1/16/2007)

We are delighted to announce that the original line-up of the seminal Fairport Convention album Liege & Lief – with the obvious exception of Sandy – will be getting back together again for this year’s Fairport’s Cropredy Convention to perform the work in its entirety.

The 1969 line-up, which includes Ashley Hutchings, Dave Mattacks, Simon Nicol, Dave Swarbrick and Richard Thompson, will be joined on stage by Chris While for the 50-minute set on Friday, 10 August.

At the 2006 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Liege & Lief was voted 'Most Influential Folk Album of All Time' and the above line-up performed Matty Groves on stage at the Awards ceremony. In addition to this award, the line-up received a Gold Disc at Cropredy 2006 from Universal Music Catalogue for Island Records, almost 37 years after the album was released.

Liege & Lief was launched in December 1969 on the Island Records label and spent 17 weeks in the LP charts during 1970. It was hailed as a masterpiece at the time and has continued to win plaudits ever since.

Awarded by Universal Music Catalogue for Island Records, the Gold Disc recognises that success and the album's continuing phenomenal sales.

Photos courtesy of Bob Battersby
Liege and Lief Gold Disc presentation
August 11, 2006
Cropredy Festival