Algid Antiphons (Dec/Jan Qs) Part II
2/10/2007 (updated 2/11/2007)

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I swapped my Mosrite Ventures for a second hand Lowden Fc32c with a friend of a friend, who informed me it use to belong to your good self. Is there any way of finding out if this true? Cheers Mike

I can tell you for certain sure that it was never mine – for the simple reason that I have never parted with any Lowden guitar that I have owned.

What is that song RT is playing in solitary life?? Some of the words are "don't make trouble, make it for yourself," and suck out your brains like toothpaste" It's during the Brighton riots sequence. JOHN 

It’s a song called Kidzz, that fell through the cracks, and never made it onto record. I have an adult version and a kid’s version of it.

I try to see as many good live shows as possible and notice that most guitarists have multiple guitars at their disposal.  Guitar techs continually coming in and handing the performer a just tuned instrument.  You, on the other hand, seem to have maybe three electric and play those for several songs before changing and just the Lowden when performing acoustic.  Do you even carry another acoustic with you when touring and, if not, what the heck do you do if you or Simon absentmindedly drive off with your instrument left on the roof of your rental car?  This may seem a silly question but I've often wondered. – Mechtild Jordan

I think, in these troubled economic times, that three guitars is enough for any band show. I only carry one guitar to solo shows, which is risky…if it breaks, as happened last year (head broke off), I have to borrow one, but flying with 2 guitars plus bag is hell, and excess.

Richard, Are you open to suggestions of other people's songs to cover? For example, have you thought of covering Nick Lowe's "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?" – Regards, Phil Palmer 

I would have thought that Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello pretty much own that song between them, and I would be reluctant to follow with an inferior version. Other covers can be done…

I am wondering as to the origin of the song "Glencoe" from the Grizzly Man soundtrack.  I'm doing research for some of my artwork, and wanted to know if it is after the traditional Scottish ballad about the massacre of the MacDonald clan at Glencoe.  I've heard many versions of that song.   If not, might you clue me in as to the meaning of the title in this context? – Amy 

The tune Glencoe is attributed to Scott Skinner, king of the Strathspey fiddlers. I don’t know the song you mention. My forebears were Campbells…

One-Who are your three most enjoyed performers. Two-What is your most listened to tune. I feel like I'm rubbing a magic lamp. so - Three- what tune do you hum when you go walking. Happy Trails; Gerry

1)  Tough question, and I don’t know if you mean living or dead, so I’ll pick a few seminal experiences from my youth:

- Segovia at the Festival Hall, circa 1962

- The Who at the Marquee, 1965

- Jimi Hendrix at the Refectory, Golders Green, 1967

2)  It changes all the time. 

3) Something by the Comedian Harmonists is good for walking, They sang a bunch of songs in March time.