Vernal Journal, Part II
4/22/2007 (updated 4/22/2007)

Hello, my Name is PŚl (Paul) Stensby, I belong to a small group of people on this planet constantly nursing bad colds and pneumonia better known as Norwegians), and I have a few questions I hope you'll take the time to answer:

1. Do you have any kind of plans to come visit us here in Norway soon? 'Cause we need some good concerts, we're on the brink of starvation.

2. Do you have any exercises to help develop right-hand finger
independence? I find it very hard to use my thumb constantly while tryin' to pick a melody....

3. Have you ever considered the possibillity of making a instructional video? My experience with these videos have previously been bad, as it turns out you wont learn anything, you've just been watching some guy showcasing his techniques for and hour and a half. But it could be done well, if someone just took the time to do it well. Al Di Meola made a pretty good one!

1) I love to play in Norway Ė please harass your local promoter!

2) A little classical guitar is great for getting those fingers working independently. Otherwise, Iíd say slow everything down, play it as slow as you like. Only play faster when youíre in total command of the notes.

3) Not something I want to do right now.

i was wondering if you ever play a nylon string guitar. do you have one? what kind? have you recorded with one? why don't you play more of it? do you hate it? too many questions, i apologize... -jb barot

I donít own one, but Iíve used them on record. On the last few occasions, Iíve borrowed Tchad Blakeís, which is small and antique. Iím looking for a good one.

I heard a Richard Thompson song on the radio which I want to get hold of, but I can't seem to find which CD it is on - the title was 'Missing this dude' and I'm sure it was Richard Thompson, but it doesn't seem to appear on any CDs? -Tim Godden

Tim, it wasnít me. In fact, if I ever come up with a song with that title, just take me out the back and shoot me, will you?

(The tune in question was actually "I Misunderstood", which apparently was indeed, misunderstood! -BK)

We're head-banging, electric rock-n-rollers who love your music. We've taken a hiatus from our usual neck shredding to study your style of acoustic playing with all of its intricate finger pickings and tunings. One of your lyrics has us stumped: "Wolfhound at her feet." We've searched the Internet and can't find a clue as to what that means.Somebody is bound to ask us that at one of our gigs. -Thanks! Jerry Wessling, Wasilla, Alaska.

All that head-banging has addled the brains. I mean, itís just a dog, innit? Itís an Irish Wolfhound, and Itís sitting at her feet. ErmÖ.