Vernal Journal, Part III
4/22/2007 (updated 4/22/2007)

Bill Andrews wrote: Is there...any chance you might make a surprise appearance with Fairport Convention at the Old Town School in Chicago in May?

I shall be thousands of miles away…I hope to catch the Boys at their show at McCabe’s in Santa Monica on the same tour.

My question is kind of dumb, but I was in the balcony and couldn't see that well, but noticed your guitar strap and was wondering what kind it was. I liked the way it connected to the head of the guitar. -Thanks, Ken Hughes

It’s just a boring old guitar strap – I tell a lie, it’s an Elixir Strings freebee guitar strap, leather, no less. I can tell the bit you’re excited about is the way it connects to the neck – this is a slightly superior version of the shoestring-type device beloved of folkies everywhere…it’s made by D’Addario. It features one of those snappy nylon connectors used for belts and mountaineering things, which makes disconnecting very swift for packing in guitar case, and for de-twisting the inevitable twist in the strap. It merely slips around the neck under the strings in the time-honoured fashion.

You wrote that you think of “The Bones Of All Men” as “still one of the best things I’ve been involved in“. It is one of my favourite CDs, too. Especially since I have been a great fan of Sailor when I was a wee lad (and of the so called “early music” – bit of a Krumhorn freak, you might say). I guess all members of that fantastic band have pretty overflowing diaries and are dispersed all over the globe but could there be a tiny little bit of a small chance for a tour or at least one concert in the foreseeable future? Preferably in Europe? Saturday afternoon at Cropredy, perhaps? -Best regards, Stefan

Don’t confuse Phil Pickett with Phil Picket! One was in Sailor, one is Musical Director at the Globe Theatre, and leader of the New London Consort. I know and work occasionally with the latter.

1. Did you ever play in Austria or Hungary? 2. Who are your favourite guitarists? 3. Do you or did you sometimes drink, or smoke some weed, or drop acid? Thank you. If any question is too personal, just don’t answer it ;-) -Greetings, Bernhard Torsch, Austria.

Never played in Hungary, played in Austria a few times, mostly at the Vienna Folk Festival. It’s been a while, though…my favourite guitarists are those old dead guys – Django, Charlie Christian, Ida Presti…and yes, I did all of the above. It’s been a while, though…

When you break a string and that little end gets stuck in the body of the 'acoustic guitar'....what do you do? -Steph

Most of my acoustic guitars have ‘through’ bridges – no end pins. So none of that messy stuff.