Not Quite Twenty Questions – a Beesweb Interview, Part III
4/24/2007 (updated 4/24/2007)

13) Any further news on the three-volume songbook project? Last update from Maart declared that he’d completed his transcription of all three volumes, and was awaiting you’re approval.

We are really close…final proofing, and off we go with volume one.

14) From time to time pictures appear - usually in advertisements or promotional material - that show you playing a light-blue Danelectro. Is this your own guitar?

What a poser I am! Sometimes I do photo sessions with a guitar chosen for the colour only, shame, shame. The Dano is an old friend, however. I used it on many tracks on many records – ‘Word Unspoken, Sight Unseen” and ‘Crawl Back’ spring to mind.

15) Are you a closet Dano fan?

Yes. I love the baritones and basses too.

16) Any breaking news of upcoming projects you’d like to share in this forum?

Catch Of The Day spotted the Peter Case session. So until the band gets rolling, I don’t have any news…oh, I’m still working on the Kamila Thompson project, slowly, slowly…I saw her last night on the Sean Lennon show at the Roxy in Hollywood – she was fab!! (biased relative).