2: RT List Q & A - July
7/6/2007 (updated 7/6/2007)

John Swanda:
9. I would like to ask about the bonus tracks on the Japanese version of
Sweet Warrior. You must realize you have some obsessive fans who would want
to get them (in a legal fashion), but the only way to do it now is get the
import CD for $20 more than the regular CD, and $10 extra per track seems
pretty excessive, especially without being able to hear them first.
Apparently they are also available on i-Tunes in Europe, but only to people
in Europe. Are there any plans to make them available to all fans at a
reasonable price?

RT: Japan always requires bonus tracks, to make sure Japanese buy the native
product, that is just a fact of life. Sometimes these are outtakes, or live
tracks; this time, I'm glad we could furnish them with true extra songs.
These normally become available on iTunes, but it is usually a good few
months after the Japanese release.

Daevid Langdon:
10. I have always loved the variety of musical instruments present on your
recordings. On Sweet Warrior you are playing quite a few instruments other
than guitar. You play some very nice penny whistle on Sweet Warrior. Did you
just work up the parts for the recording or have you been playing the
whistle regularly for some time? Did you ever finish the hurdy gurdy you
were building?

RT: I am a lapsed penny whistlist, or whatever you call them. It took me a
while to recover some semblance of chops for the recording. I built my
'Gurdy about 15 years ago, from an Early Music Shop kit. It was hellishly
hard to follow the instructions and blurry diagrams. I was fortunate to be
working on it in Danny Ferrington's workshop, and he bailed me out on
numerous occasions. It hasn't been quite the same since the wheel was bashed
out of alignment during an earthquake.


Robert Renton:
11. Please pass our condolences on to Danny (Thompson). Obviously his
contribution to the band goes beyond simply playing bass. How has his recent
unplanned absence changed the tour, either on stage or off?

RT: Losing Danny was problematic on a tour that was plagued with logistical
difficulties from the outset. We had two major bus breakdowns in the first
week - at one point we had three buses and four drivers in 32 hours.
Miraculously we never missed a show, but it was very close at Chautauqua.
Simon Tassano performed organisational miracles to keep the tour running,
and our crew, Tom Dube, Bobby Eichorn, and Edmond Deraedt worked their asses
off to get shows up on time. Taras Prodaniuk, who played on some of the
album, and was in place for the September tour, came in as soon as he could,
and debuted in Brooklyn, and pulled of an amazing performance on one hour's
rehearsal. Meanwhile, we had two dates with no bass player...Pete Zorn, who
is, along with dozen other instruments, a bass player, stepped up, and
played about half the set, reverting to guitar and mandolin and sax where
they seemed more essential. Bobby Eichorn, our guitar tech, and himself a
fine guitarist, played bass on 4 songs. I can only describe Pete and Bobby's
performances at those shows, in Cleveland and Buffalo, as heroic!

The main consequence of all this disruption was to the rehearsal schedule.
We like to get a setlist up and running, and then add songs as the tour
progresses, but it's been all we can do to learn the basic set.

Flip Feij:
12. Is it likely he'll rejoin for the rest of the 2007 band concerts?

RT: Danny will play the August dates in the UK (including Cropredy), and the
October dates in the UK/Europe. Taras will do the September US tour. This is
all as planned - Danny was always unavailable for September.