4: RT List Q & A - July
7/6/2007 (updated 7/6/2007)

Jesse Hochstadt:
15. Last fall in Wilmington, Delaware, I yelled out a request for "Love Is
Bad for Business," but you said, I think, that you no longer knew it. Any
chance you might revive it in performance? (Yeah, I didn't think so.)

RT: I did think that this song had fallen by the wayside somewhat. Are you a
lone voice in the wilderness, or do you have a large petition about your
person? I can be swayed either way. I shall reconsider.

Mike Fallon:
16. At the recent show in Pittsburgh, you performed a breathtaking version
of 'Who knows Where the Time Goes". I remember you paused to consider what
key to play it in and then retuned a string or two. Do remember if you
played this in standard tuning or a modified or open tuning?

RT: I've played this three times this year, which makes a total of three
times since 1972. And only solo this year, so I still don't really know what
key to play it in, but G is close. I use CGDGBE tuning.

Luc Luyten:
17. Thanks for setting up camp twice in Belgium next Octobre. Will you be
playing your signature model on stage? Or would it be possible to organize a
vernissage of the instrument after the show? I am sure the Belgian Royal
Society of Guitar Freaks will gather in Brussels and Bruges.

RT: I'll be playing my blue Ferrington, If you and the Society would like a
look, I'm sure we could arrange that. Meet me at the signing table.

Andrew Bissaro:
18. Thank you Richard, for the generous posting of your DC show on the NPR
website. I'll bet you're aware of the many artists and music services that
record an entire tour and allow fans to buy CDs of individual shows over the
Internet. Have you ever considered doing this, or some equivalent thereof,
either doing it yourself or using one of those services? I'm sure many fans
would love to buy copies of multiple shows on your recent tours.

RT: Well, I'd rather take the time to grab the best versions from a whole
tour, mix them properly, and put out a definitive record...but if that's
really what people want, we could do it, I suppose.

19. To what extent are you planning to add new material to the next round of
"1000 Years" shows? (If you are entertaining requests, I submit "Nature Boy"

RT: I think about one third of the show could change, we have some strong
ideas, I think. I'll check out your recommendation.