8: RT List Q & A - July
7/6/2007 (updated 7/6/2007)

Play With. Section

Josh Nathan:
32. Patrick Humphries has written biographies of you and Tom Waits. Another
connection is that both of you have performed with members of Los Lobos.
Although your styles are very different, I am curious as to what you think
of Tom Waits' music and whether you would welcome an opportunity to

RT: People are always trying to team me up with other artists, it's quite
touching...I think TW has written some terrific songs. I get slightly weary
of the persona. I don't know how a collaboration would work.

Daevid Langdon:
33. You have been playing bits of accordion ever since your Fairport days,
who are your favourite accordionists? I loved your duo tour with John
Kirkpatrick! That was one non-band situation that I thought your electric
guitar really worked. Any chance of ever seeing that combination happen

RT: John K is my fave, along with Phil Cunningham. I don't see him much
these days, but if the opportunity arose...

Arie Euwijk:
34. Soon enough it will be revealed, but there are contrasting messages
about your involvement with the latest Teddy waxing. Will you be on it or

RT: I played on a few cuts, but that doesn't mean I'll be on it,
cutting-room floor and all that. I haven't heard the finished article, but
the tracks sounded great, Teddy in fine voice, string quartet in tow
(arranged by Robert Kirby)