9: RT List Q & A - July

Faits Divers

Andrew Waller:
35. Sweet Warrior is still fresh out of the gate, of course, but what other
projects are on the go, in the can, or being planned for the not-too-distant
future? Mentions of a few things have made their way to the RT list but a
summary would be nice for us annoyingly-curious folks.

RT: Damn your curiosity, Sir!! If you must know...I haven't a clue, really.
I'm busy with band tours until the end of October, then I'm researching for
the 1000 Years show in January. After that, we'll see...

36. You're backstage at Cropredy, watching Status Quo top off the Friday
night. They invite you on stage for a balls-out boogie, would you accept the

RT: I would, but they won't.

Robert Renton:
37. Have you discovered anything new in or about Liege & Lief while
preparing it for Cropredy?

RT: Dear boy, I haven't even begun to think about it.

Max Cuthbert:
38. There was a series of small thumbnail size photographs on the back of
the 'Henry' L.P. cover, most of RT. But there was one - in the middle, if I
remember correctly - that appeared to be a magnifying glass with something
obscure behind it. Can you tell us anything about this?

RT: Trainspotter that you are...these shots were taken (surreptitiously,
without permit) at the Science Museum, London, when it was still dusty and
empty, the way a museum should be, and you could spend a couple of hours on
the 5th floor and never see a living soul. I forget what the magnifying
glass was in front of - it was near the Faraday section.