Thank you for asking IV

Hi Richard!,
You recently mentioned that you listen to BBC Radio Four's "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue". Have you ever been tempted to perform one song to the tune of another on stage as a wind-up? Regards, Phil Palmer

Nice idea. ‘Matty Groves’ to the tune of ‘Kisses For Me’? ‘Two Left Feet’ to the tune of ‘Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer? This sort of thing could leave the audience permanently scarred, similar to the damage visited upon the radio listeners.

Does the Rick Kelly Tele appear on ‘Sweet Warrior’, if so where? Stephen Bishop

I think the only place is the solo sections on ‘Dad’s Gonna Kill Me’.

I have my tickets to see RT this year in the UK. I see there are ‘1000 Year’ gigs stateside. Are there any plans or even intent to do any over here. Pleeeeze. Big welcome ready for Debra and Judith. (and even get CC to join in - now that would be a dream!). Bill

We are hoping to do the ‘1000 Years’ Show in Europe in 2008. I’ll tell Debra and Judith that you’ll take them shopping to Harrod’s.

I missed your shows in Hawaii. Any plans to be back in the islands soon? Mahalo. Kevin Vegas

We are planning a show for the 24th November in Honolulu. Please check this website for times and venue information.

I've just loved the ‘1000 Years’ shows and am looking forward to the next set. Would you consider adding a Lerner-Loewe or Rodgers-Hammerstein (or other) show tune to the list next time around? Your impromptu excerpt of "Oklahoma" at the Birchmere several years ago left us wanting more! Thanks! Elizabeth Lasko

We have a show tune or two on the short list for the upcoming tour, and one of them may make the cut.

Hi Richard. I just heard that Kelly Clarkson has a new single out called "Never Again." Can she get away with that? I know that song melodies are protected. What about song titles? Would you consider your own version of "Since U Been Gone," just to get even? James

There is no copyright on titles – indeed, my own daughter Kami has a song called ‘Never Again’, and I probably won’t sue her just yet. Content of songs is a different matter (see under ‘Bee Gees’).

Such a broad question, but what is your favorite Sandy Denny song? Perhaps I should ask which is your favorite to hear, and/or to play. Deborah Chasteen

My favourite this week is ‘Stranger To Himself’. “John The Gun’ is a really interesting song to play.

Why no show in Princeton this year? Missed last years show for the first time in years. I was looking forward to it this year as it's become a tradition for myself and my buddy who've been coming to see you since the early 80's. Best regards, Bill Zweiman

Alas, due to the strange pattern of touring this year, it was not practical to play Princeton in our usual slot. I hope we’ll be able to reestablish ourselves in the hearts and minds of the populace next year.