What's Being Said about 'The Old Kit Bag'?
6/9/2003 (updated 6/9/2003)

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New York Metro "...everything from delicate waltzes to roadhouse rock"

The Phoenix "in a league beyond mere virtuosity"

Drowned in Sound "...awesome twanging electric guitar and great loose grooves."

Boston Phoenix "..a slow-burn first-person character sketch of murder and shame thatís a showcase for his bittersweet-chocolate voice..."

High Bias "...his singing has never been better..."

All Music "strong and confident, without a note or gesture wasted"

The Globe and Mail" weaving a skein of guitar lines so fluid that the listener's left dazzled and dazed."

Washington Post" Thompson rubs your nose in just about everything his fans adore."

Associated Press "another marvelously melancholy set from fountain of sorrow Richard Thompson"

Billboard"#121 on top 200 albums chart, #5 on top independent records chart"

BBCi "Now he returns with another text ripped from the pages of suffering and heartache, but more importantly, the guitar is aflame once more."

Roots Music "it's an offering to listeners who appreciate music that's rich on substance and stripped of glitz."

Creating Loafing, Atlanta "Thompsonís most consistent CD in years"

Rolling Stone "The Old Kit Bag is a travelogue of a damaged heart... "

Washington Post "Thompson assumes the personnas of lifeís loserís and scoundrels" "If fatalism sometimes seems the defining characteristic of these songs, he tempers it with wit, compassion and exceptional musicianship. "

Green Man Review "The Old Kit Bag is the kind of work that reveals more of itself with each spin. " "The album marks a return to the informal, textured sound of his early '70s work. "

Riverfront Times"the album explores the beautiful, absurd agony of obsession and loss, fame and failure, struggle and mortality."

Reuters/Billboard "a living legend who's made one of his best albums in years."

The Onion A.V. Club "the disc turns down one shadowy corner of the soul after another"

Guardian "from a delicate acoustic ballad and builds it into harrowing emotional hysteria"

Denver Post"It's about smiling through adversity"

Amazon "Thompson proves that he's yet to exhaust his store of ideas or his will "

Handbag"this album is bloody fantastic."

The Guardian "both sensual and ominous " "deliciously self-mocking"

Rolling Stone "Veteran singer-songerwriter goes indie"

Cooking Vinyl "pocketbook filled with gems "

All Music Guide:

"Intense, Plaintive, Wistful, Ominous, Sad, Gloomy, Poignant, Witty, Acerbic, Organic, Literate, Melancholy