11/14/2007 (updated 11/14/2007)

Is a recording going to be made of the Sweet Warrior concert? I saw the show on 9/8. This is the best concert that I have ever heard! Thanks so much.
Cheers, Linda Boettcher

I really love your new album and was wondering if you have any plans on releasing a set from your current tour, a Semi-Detached Sweet Warrior of sorts. Please say "yes"!
Rich Weidling - Fremont, CA

Firstly, thanks for providing us with a webcast of the current ‘live’ band tour – I heard it online and you all sounded great. However, will there be a ‘live’ recording of the current band tour released on CD?
Pete Herring, Sydney

We have recorded a lot of the shows, and will certainly release a CD. Realistically, this would not be released until some time next year.

Re: Maybe because I write mysteries and ghost stories for a living... Right - actually two questions.

1. In re "The Mingulay Song": I love the choice of this for Rogue's Gallery, but I'll admit, it's not the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "Scotland" and "pirate" in close proximity to each other. Is there a reason Mingulay won out over "Henry Martin"? Because that one is actually, well, about pirates.

The original concept may have been more piratical, but the brief given to the musicians was ‘sea songs’, predominantly shanties, and a tape was circulated with about 60 to choose from. These were work songs, not ballads. I picked ‘General Taylor’ and ‘Mingulay’ from that list. I always loved Mingulay, from when I was a child, and felt that this was a song I had to sing, however many corny versions had gone before.

2. See subject line, which I'm hoping excuses the oddity of this second question. I'm floored by "The Sunset Song" - it just nails me, every time. And my question is, is the narrator of the song a selkie? A supernatural creature, "a man upon dry land, a selkie on the sea"? Because it just feels that way and I wonder if my brain needs a nap, now.
Deborah Grabien

Goodnight, brain.

Much as I love this song (Farewell Farewell), I cannot grasp the meaning of part of it:

And will you never cut the cloth, Or drink the light to be, And can you never swear a year, To anyone of/but? we?

What does this mean, what does it refer to? I would be much obliged if you could tell me. kind regards, Wies Morcus

I really don’t know what it means. This song came out of a dream, and I pretty much wrote it as I dreamt it (it was the sixties), and didn’t spend very long analyzing it. So interpret as you wish – or replace with your own lines.