11/14/2007 (updated 11/14/2007)

Wish Richard my best regards. What does he think of Nusrat as a singer?
Thomas Casagranda

I take it you mean Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I thought he was a great interpreter of Qawwali style. I never had the chance to see him live.

It's quite frustrating for a Johnny-come-lately such as myself trying to track down many of your older albums. I'm sure it's even more frustrating for you to know that so much of your back catalogue is unavailable. Are any steps being taken to remedy the current state of affairs? Any reissues in the pipeline that you know about?
Jules Gray, Cheltenham

I donít have much control over the records owned by other labels, like Island and Polygram. Iím still trying to find the masters for Sunnyvista and First Light. Strict Tempo is due for a reissue, as is Celtschmerz.

ronniehek wrote:
Can you please help me. I am trying to find the chords for Mole in a Hole by Richard and Linda. Thanks.

This is a Mike Waterson song, but as I remember:


| A | A | A E | A | A | A | A E | A |


| A | B | D E | A | A | B | D E | A |

When you're playing with pick and fingers, are you using your pinky to grab the highest note in the chords or triple-stops you're playing or are you brushing upward with your middle and/or ring fingers? Or do you do both? Just curious.
kyle s., syracuse, NY

I donít use my pinky at all. I do sometimes brush the strings from high to low with the fingers, to get fuller chords.

The dynamic range on most 'Sweet Warrior' tracks has been reduced to pitifully small values by brick-wall limiting, ripping the very backbone out of the music on the album. Was this mastering decision made by you as the artist or was it outside of your control?
Regards, Peter Walker

I suppose limiting is a matter of taste, but SW sounds about right to me, less limited/compressed than some previous records of mine. Some Fairchild on the voice and guitar, some tape compression from 1/4 inch mastering Ė thatís about it. If you listen on the radio, some stations will compress the bejasus out of everything, so maybe thatís where your impression comes from, but it sure sounds all right to me coming off the CD.

I'm intrigued by your love of cricket, and was wondering where your talents lie. Are you- as I could well imagine- a wily spinner, all guile and subtle variation of pace, wrist position and length. Or are your talents more with bat in hand? I could see you as a number 3 - having to adapt either to an early wicket, overcoming the new ball moving in the air, or coming in requiring quick runs after a good opening stand. Or is it more the sting of the ale in the tea break you thrive on?
All the best, Graham Kenyon- bad amateur cricketer, even worse amateur guitarist.

Hail, fellow bad amateur cricketer! Iím fairly solid on the theory of the game, itís just the application that leaves a bit to be desiredÖas a leg spinner, I can bowl with turn, deliver googlies, top-spinners and flippers, but all at about 5 m.p.h., and with painful inaccuracy. As a batsman, I used to be able, at least, to stonewall for hours, for a plucky three not out, but I seem to have lost even that ability. But itís a great game, isnít it? A beautiful day on some idyllic village green, the company of stalwart chaps, and the roar of the crowd (two pensioners and a dog), all makes it worthwhile.

When i try picking with a pick and fingers I find that the notes that are picked with the plectrum (what a funny name) are louder than that of the notes picked with my fingers. It tends to dominate the others.

Did you encounter this problem early on? How did you fix this? Any tips on this problem? thank you, jb barot

Most players who use flatpick and fingers, or thumbpick and fingers, like the fact that the pick gives a sharper sound, principally because the pick is more often working the lower strings, where more definition is desirable. If you play with longer nails, the difference will be less pronounced. Chet Atkins always has a great balance, using a thumbpick to keep the bass and rhythm going.

I'm trying to clear up a question from my cousin in LA regarding the make and spec of the light blue electric guitar. We bought them a copy of Live From Austin TX as a present as a reminder of a gig we took them to in San Juan Capistrano in the mid nineties!
Regards, Tim

The guitar was made by Danny Ferrington, of Santa Monica, CA. He had the neck already, and we threw in a selection of pickups to see what it would sound like. The pickups are wired with individual volume controls, no tone controls. There is a P90 in the neck, Alnico Strat in the middle, and Broadcaster in the bridge.