11/14/2007 (updated 11/14/2007)

Can't find this info anywhere! What is Richard Thompson's birth time please (and can you include the source?).

His mother says it was between 5:30 and 6 AM, London UK. Thanks, Julie

I am in process of ordering a guitar from Rick Kelly and would love to know more about the specs of Richard Thompson's guitar please. What could you tell me please about the body wood, fret gauge, neck radius and scale length, pick-ups?
Best wishes, Revd Stephen Bishop

This guitar was a gift from my guitar tech, Bobby Eichhorn, who used to work at Kelly Guitars. He says:

ĎThe specs as far as I remember are:
Scale is 25 1/2 inch
12 inch Radius
1 inch 5/8 's at the nut
Medium Jumbo frets
I believe an alder body
Swamp Ash is also a very good choice
Your particular Kellycaster has a Strat headstock.
Otherwise it has pretty stock fender measurements.
Pickups: Neck & Bridge are Vintage Tele
Middle Pickup I believe is a Lindy Fralin Strat pickup.
I talked to Rick Kelly about Mr. Bishop wanting to order a Kellycaster and said he would be happy to talk more to him about this in detail.
Tele# 212 691-8400.í

I'm trying to track down a recording of a song Richard sang several years ago at a concert that was featured on an public radio program. Unfortunately (and probably annoying, for you) I cannot remember the name of the program or the date/location of the concert. What I do know are some of the lyrics in the song. Richard said he had collaborated with another artist on them. I've searched the website and Googled the lyrics as well and have come up with nothing... The song was really quite beautiful--just Richard and his guitar, singing about reincarnation. Each verse is basically another incarnation in the man's life. Here are some of the bits and pieces of the lyrics I remember:

"Once I was an acorn, and I grew to be a tree..." "Once I was a singer, and music was my church..."

I'm hoping you can help... Thanks in advance for your assistance! Jess

I donít recognize this. It probably wasnít me.

I loved your concert; in fact I was the guy that praised Teddy's new country album, and appreciated everything that you did, badgering you to perform Mingulay Boat Song, and getting the year of the Blitz correct. One burning question remains though: how come Tear Stained Letter has never been sent to your hero, Jerry Lee Lewis ? I own Last Man Standing, his album of duets, and feel that a Jerry Lee version of Tear Stained Letter would be amazing, with you, yourself, playing guitar.

Another question bothers me: you know the History of Popular Music concerts, why are no Bob Dylan tunes performed ?

We did send that song to Jerry Lee, but he didnít bite. 1000 Years of Popular Music is a deeply unbalanced show, and is really an excuse for us to sing a bunch of different stuff and utterly indulge ourselves. On merit, of course Bob would be in there, and he may be in future shows.

A couple of questions; firstly, does the beret, and the cap-badge that currently resides on it, have any significance? Secondly, are there any plans for the recording of Liege and Lief from Cropredy?
Many thanks, Tom Sweeney

The beret is bog-standard, the badge is a mini-Los Angeles County Sheriffís badge, given to me by one of the same.

What kind of chance is there of any live 1977-ish material with Whiteman & Evans (the Mighty Baby/ Habibiyya guys) making it onto CD? Iíve always really liked the live track from Doom & Gloom.
Thanks, Dave from Colorado

Always under consideration.

I am an editor for a Boston based website One of my writers is reviewing the new Robert Plant Alison Krauss album, and I brought the CD home to listen to. I played it for my husband, who exclaimed "Holy Fairport Convention, Batgirl" as the Gone Gone Gone track came on. He ran down to the basement to pull out Hey Day on vinyl (space issues, the rest of your discography is upstairs) and lo and behold there is a Gene Clark song on both albums as well. Might you comment about the possibility that Raising Sand was inspired by Heyday? Most grateful.
Best regards, Susan Graage

Just a nice coincidence I think. Gone Gone Gone is a great Everlys song, and Iím so glad someone is singing the Gene Clark songbook. I was approached to play on Raising Sand, but the dates didnít work out Ė as it happens, they didnít need me! Itís a great record.

Saw your show in Vancouver during September and you played a lovely acoustic rendition of Sandy Denny's hauntingly beautiful "Who Knows Where the Time Goes". Could you please tell me which tuning this is in?
Thanks, Barry Pither

I play it in open C/G, that is, CGDGBE. Sandy played it in DADF#AD