Montalvo request shows – vote totals
12/11/2007 (updated 12/11/2007)

Here are the total numbers of requests from the three nights. On slips with more than one entry, only the first request was counted. Home-made slips were discounted, and there were many illegible entries. There were examples of voting syndicates and ‘voter fraud’ – people voting multiple times with little disguise of handwriting, which explains the abnormal popularity of songs like First Breath, Persuasion, Mingulay, Killing Jar, and Now That I Am Dead. In one case, the song title was consistently misspelled about 8 times! Ohio 2004 is beginning to make more sense to me…

Persuasion 23

Beeswing 18

Wall Of Death 17

1952 Vincent Black Lightning 17

Dimming Of The Day 16

Mingulay Boat Song 15

Dad’s Gonna Kill Me 14

Now That I Am Dead 14

I Misunderstood 12

Ghost Of You Walks 12

Killing Jar 12

Sweetheart On The Barricade 11

Uninhabited Man 11

Galway To Graceland 11

Cooksferry Queen 10

Oops! 10

First Breath 10

Crawl Back 9

Great Valerio 9

One Door Opens 9

Calvary Cross 9

Jimmy Shands 8

Walking On A Wire 8

I Feel So Good 8

Hots For The Smarts 8

Night Comes In 7

Dear Janet Jackson 7

Shenandoah 7

Johnny’s Far Away 6

Waltzing’s For Dreamers 6

Cold Kisses 6

Turning Of The Tide 6

Needle And Thread 6

Genesis Hall 5

Meet On The Ledge 5

Beat The Retreat 5

Shoot Out The Lights 5

Old Changing Way 5

1985 5

Tear-Stained Letter 5

I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight 5

Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed? 5

Just The Motion 5

Keep Your Distance 4

Woman Or A Man 4

Shane And Dixie 4

Guns Are The Tongues 4

Bad News Is All The Wind Can Carry 4

Poor Ditching Boy 4

Hand Of Kindness 4

Walk Away Renee 4

Mingus Eyes 4

So Ben Mi Ch’a Bon Tempo 4

Sibella 4

Crazy Man Michael 4

New St. George 4

Word Unspoken, Sight Unseen 4

Devonside 4

Strange Affair 4

Hope You Like The New Me 4

Why Must I Plead 4

My Daddy Is A Mummy 4

Put It There Pal 4