Answers Jan/Feb 08, Part II
3/25/2008 (updated 3/25/2008)

(As a preamble, let me say that Tony and I get gently pissed every Friday night and mellow out on the sofa and listen to at least 3 albums of yours). Anyway, tonight the 1000 years of music is on (I don't go for album minutia) and it occurred to me that there is no Cole Porter. I'd love to hear you do some. For example, the Paris Hat/Harris Pat one. So how about including that in your next London concert? I can assure you we will be there. The Roundhouse concert was, by the way, excellent. Yours ever, Lyn Penfold

We have been performing Night And Day by Cole Porter in the current 1,000 Years show. We plan to tour 1,000 Years in the UK in Jan/Feb 09.

I'd be most grateful if you could let me know what guitar tuning RT uses on Vincent Black Lightning I've seen a video where he uses capo 3rd fret but am lost as to where to go from there. I'm used to open D, G and DAGDAD . Please tell RT I'm the new proud owner of a Lowden 35C RT signature -which is a wonderful guitar, and best wishes to him for the future. Kevin Howcroft

This is written up in the nuts and bolts and frets section, but I’ll reiterate:
Vincent tuning – CGDGBE, capo 3.
Glad you’re liking the signature model!

Driving down the highway last weekend listening to satellite radio I heard Marty Stewart (who I am also a big fan of) doing a radio show....all day long. Now as far as unknown stars are just as big an unknown as he is, have you ever thought about the radio show format. It would be fun to see what music and themes you might put on. Also I see you are touring through Milwaukee, we'd love it if you could swing through Minneapolis/St. Paul. Gordon Hendrickson

I just did a one hour DJ spot for XM radio, which was quite long enough, thank you! I’m not sure people with speech defects should be on the radio…I just drove through Minneapolis going from Grand Rapids to MSP – I waved, but you were looking the other way…

On the recent tour the only time Richard used the Strat was on the Mingulay Boat Song – why was this? Tuning? Sound? Or a bit of a change ;-)? John Edwards

It was the backup guitar in case of string break. ‘Mingulay’ requires a capo, which is tricky to tune with light gauge strings, so the wonderful Bobby has it ready tuned backstage to save time.

Are there plans to issue the new songs you're playing on this years 1000 years tour? Saw the show at Nokia, great as expected. Perhaps on the website download section? Since you and the brothers Davies are from the same area, and you and Dave are the same age, did you ever meet up with them? Any possible plans to play or do something with either/or? Don Lennon

I’m hoping we can do a volume 2 of the 1,000 Years show. There’s not quite enough material yet. The Kinks were a generation above me – in Pop Music that’s only about 4 years. Dave Davies is 2 years older, but he must have been on the road very young. I never met them, but I love Ray’s writing, of course.