Answers Jan/Feb 08, Part III
3/25/2008 (updated 3/25/2008)

I am the proud owner and listener of thirty or so RT albums. Continually amazed by RT's guitar work. Has RT ever picked up the Chapman Stick? It seems like a natural with his left hand work carrying the bass line when he plays solo. John Barnes

I picked up Tony Levinís, but itís a scary beast. I think pianists would have more natural affinity for it. Iím not really in love with the sound of everything hammered on, anyway.

A big fan with only one small gripe.
I note (at least from photos on your Website) that in the US you undertake signing session after gigs. In the UK, outside of Cropredy, this does not appear to happen, at least at gigs I attend (London generally). At Watford a few years ago I asked your merchandise stall if you were available and I was told no. The explanation was that there was too much demand (as Cropredy had apparently shown you). This struck me as a fairly chicken and egg argument. While I understand it's your total right to choose whether to meet and greet or not, it seems a shame for UK fans that we miss out giving personal thanks etc. As I said, big fan small gripe. Simply curious. Kind regards, Michael Jones

I used to sign things after-show at side of stage, or stage door, or occasionally lobby. I now come to the merchandise table most nights, if there is demand. Sometimes itís not practical because of space, or fatigue, or because we have to drive after the show, but I would say it happens 3 nights out of 4. There does seem to be much more demand for meet and greet in the US compared to the UK, and I think this is cultural Ė UK folks are a bit shyer, perhaps. Rest assured, M. Jones, if I find out you are in the audience, Iíll be there with marker in hand, poised, waitingÖ

If you were to take any record album in the world with you, but only one, what would it be? Thanks, John Watkins

Am I taking this to the proverbial desert island, or on to the afterlife? One album is going to get pretty tedious after the first 4 years. Iíll choose something difficult, perhaps Webernís Six Pieces For Large Orchestra, op.6, so that I can be humming it by the time Iím rescued.

Greetings from frozen Wisconsin! Any chance you could post some photos of your garden on your web site? Any horticultural musings would be greatly appreciated here in the frozen north. S. Leo

I did a massive amount of digging up and replanting old beds this year, but Iíll see if I have any older shots, or Iíll take some more when it looks more presentable. Southern California is its own unique climate zone, and most things that grow there would fail in Wisconsin, and vice versa.

I know questions about gardening are probably much more interesting but I was hoping you could answer a guitar question. In the "1000 Years" show, early in the set, I think it's the Italian song, you used this great effect on the guitar - what was it? It sounded beautiful back in row W. Thanks! Ted Looby

This effect is specially processed to have maximum impact in rows T Ė Z. It is a DejaVibe rotary speaker effect, made by Fulltone, which sounds remarkably good on acoustic guitar. The Dunlop UniVibe might sound slightly funkier, but the oscillators crap out in about 6 months.