Answers Jan/Feb 08, Part IV
3/24/2008 (updated 3/24/2008)

My question is simply this, why don't you play slide guitar? Thank you, I am, Rick Johnson

I can, but I rarely feel it’s culturally appropriate, me not playing the Blues, or Country, and all. I’ve played it on other peoples’ records.

Danny Farrington and I were friends from Nashville (late 70’s) where I met him and then in Santa Monica…I lost contact with him and wondered where the hell he is now. 2. What tuning are you using (if any) on Ill tag along…Id like to do it. I live in Florence, Italy now and am performing around Italy mostly blues and country stuff. Loren Zagandaglia

Danny is still in Santa Monica – I can’t give out his phone number here, but I’ll tell him you were inquiring. Tuning on ‘I’ll Tag Along’ is regular, key B. The fingering makes as much use as possible of the open B string.

I just found myself in Roger McGuinn's website. He offers free downloads of, I presume, his versions of old folk songs. One is an American version of "Frog went a courtin'". According to Roger, the original dates back to the 1500's. Roger has obviously become a bit of a folk historian. Are you an acquaintance &, if so, have you traded/exchanged historical musical gems with him? Brian Hayes

Roger is a great guy, and has a terrific knowledge of traditional music, and we have touched on those things in conversation, and in performance. We used to do a lot of shows together when we had the same booking agent. I haven’t seen him for a few years.

I wish you could come to Sweden and play sometime!And, I've got two gear questions for you.
1. How come that you bought the goldtop Les Paul? Was it because of Mike Bloomfield playing one?
2. Did you use a 50 or 100 w Marshall in the early days of Fairport? Cheers! Sebastian

We will be in Sweden this summer – Uppsala on 31 July, and Nasaker on 2 August.

I bought a gold top because it was there – someone over from the US had 2 to sell, and it sounded great. Mike Bloomfield played the flametop, which was out of my price range. In 1967, I used a Marshall 50 watt with Fairport, only for a few months, I think.

Firstly, does RT have any plans to play in Ireland this year? Please say yes...

Nothing on the books yet – please check later on this website.

Secondly, where/how/when can I get my hands on the songbook(s) with guitar tablature?

Still coming.