Answers Jan/Feb 08, Part V
3/23/2008 (updated 3/23/2008)

Suppose I could sneak a third question in while I'm at it: are there any plans afoot that you're aware of to transcribe and release the Fairport Convention stuff? Johnny Roche

Some stuff has been released over the years – I don’t know what’s in print now.

It’s painfully obvious that Richard is not interested in talking about releasing any material form the Shawn Colvin tour - what a pity. Thanks, Andrew Miller

O ye of so little faith…our next ‘vintage’ release should be from the 1991 tour. We are tracking down recordings now. This could be released this year or next, depending on traffic – we’d also like to release a live CD from the latest band tour.

I see that you've been using an Eric Barber overdrive. I've got a TM5 which I use in the studio (and is not usable plugged into a guitar amp due to hum caused by the high gain), but it would appear you have one of his boxes on your pedal board, presumably going through your amp. I'm wondering what model it may be, as it would be useful (occasionally!) to achieve that rude pentode sound in a live situation. Great to see you going from strength to strength, and please excuse the geeky question! Graeme Taylor

PS. After your Fairport reunion, Ashley is now trying to put together a 'Rise Up Like The Sun' Albion Band rematch...

I use a Barber LTD pedal, which is a very smooth, natural-sounding overdrive, sounds like cranking up the amp, and I’d recommend it if that’s what you’re looking for. All the Barber pedals seem very well made, but the noise level on the TMS is something other users have commented on, and seems to be what you get.

Nice to hear from you, Graeme, I look forward to the Albion get-together!

The Richard Thompson Band played Royce Hall at UCLA on Friday, Sept. 28, 2007. For this concert only the set-list did not have the real names of the songs, but were jokes. For example, "Needles and Thread" became "Beat Her In Bed", and "Take Care the Road You Choose" was listed as "Take Care Your Roadie's Shoes". My question is- why was "1952 Vincent Black Lightening" listed as "Ernest's Song"? David Andrews

This was a last-night-of-tour joke – one of several – perpetrated by the crew, and I’m not responsible for the content. In fact I have to avoid reading puns on song titles in case I start singing them.

I've recently been introduced to your music via my father in law, and am intrigued by the idea of folk as storytelling. In particular, what is Genesis Hall and who and what is the song about? All the best, Jonathan John

Genesis Hall was a squat, an illegally occupied building in London, back in ’68, I think. The police went in and evicted everyone, using far too much violence.

I am interested in tracking down two guitar sounds. On Bonnie Raitt's 'Luck of the Draw' CD Richard is (I think) credited with playing electric guitar on the song 'Luck Of The Draw'. There are also some different guitar players credited with electric guitar on the album in general. There are two distinct electric guitars on the 'Luck Of The Draw' track, and any info as to who played them and what gear they used would be appreciated. Thanks, Chad Books

I think I played the ‘lead’ guitar on that track – I don’t have a copy to check it out. I think the guitar was a Ferrington through a Fender Vibroverb amp. Mark Goldenberg was one of the other guitarists on that track.