March/April Answers, Part III
5/16/2008 (updated 5/16/2008)

I love the sound of a Dunlop Univibe. I recently started using mine again after a few months and it seems to me that it pulses slower than before. Is that what you mean when you say "the oscillators crap out"? If not, what happens when the oscillators fail? Charlie Campbell

I have the technological savvy of a retarded hedgehog, so I shouldnít really be answering questions like this at all; the thing that makes it go wobble, I was thinking, must be an oscillator, and on the Dunlop, this seems to work fine and sound great for about 3 months, and then it progressively slows down to the point of being unusable. Whether one should get a replacement part, or send it back for a new one, or drop it off a tall building, I donít know. I have found a couple already too slow right off the shelf, and have taken them back.

Toward the end of your show in Lawrence, Kansas, you appeared to be having some pain or difficulty with your right hand. Is this anything we, your fans, should be concerned about? Mark

I get a little cramp in my thumb sometimes, nothing serious.

You have released DVD's of band performances and of the 1000 Years performances. Any plans of producing a DVD of one of your solo performances? John Watkins

We are considering this, and Iím sure one will appear soon.

Has a fight ever broke out between musicians while you were on the stage, or between a musician and a member of the audience? Cheers! Jamie

Iíd left Fairport by the time Peggy laid out Swarb on stage, and Iíve been threatened with a knife while on stage, but apart from that, all the fighting has been audient to audient, obviously the violence inherent in my music awakening something primeval in the listener.

Could you compare the accordion playing of Jimmy Shands with Jimi Shandrix (aka Sandy Brechin?) Do you listen to much accordion music from the UK these days? If so, who besides John Kirkpatrick? I hope you would be so kind as to have an all request night series on the East Coast in the future (preferably in the Boston or Maine area?) Thank you, Walter Hamilton

Jimi Shandrix Ė just brilliant! John K is still my squeezebox hero, and I am seriously out of touch with the current UK accordion scene, alas.

Did you cover "Why don't women like me"? by George Formby as a gimmick or are you into that kind of music? Thanks for answering. Greertings from Holland, Frans ten kleij

You sound skeptical, as if it were strange to like Formby for himself, and if youíre from Holland, it might be hard to grasp the appeal, which I think must be uniquely British, and at this historical point, only for the deranged. I adore him, canít get enough of the music or the films, and I think my guitar style is influenced by Georgeís right hand technique. George Harrison was also a big fan, and I believe he owned one of Formbyís ukes.

As a westerner who for years embraced Islam and the Sufi path (but has these last few years found himself established in the "lifestyle experiment" of Dzogchen Buddhism), as well as being a fan of your music, wit, and general artistry, I was wondering what your experience of your trip down the Islamic path was. Any contact with Ian Dallas (ie: Shaykh Abdul Qadir)? What else moved you while in that "space"? Why did you choose to leave it? Do you still feel, as I do, to be a species of unaffiliated, unknown dervish? I hope I am not asking to many questions. Shams, Northern Illinois

This is a big question, that would properly take many pages to answer, and Iím not sure this is the forum for it, I would consider myself still a follower of the Darqawi way, if moving rather slowly. At a point of deeper immersion, back in the 70s, I turned back to a musical life. I havenít seen Ian Dallas for 20 years.

Divinghorse wrote: Hi... I am on old friend of Malcolm MacInnis who worked at least at one time as road manager for RT. I have lost track of him. I am here in Umbria Italy. By any chance, does anyone there know where Malcom is NOW ??? thanks. Caris Arkin, Assisi/Perugia Italy.

Sorry, I donít remember him, and canít help you. Anyone else?