Answers to May Questions, Part III
5/31/2008 (updated 5/31/2008)

At your concert in Hamburg this May you played one of my all-time favourites: Pharaoh. Did my ears deceive me via my brain or did I hear some strange flute sounds in the reverberation of the strings, probably produced by some wicked technology unknown to me? The concert was fab by the way. Thanks a lot. Stef Baumeister

On that song, Simon Tassano, sound ace, has licence to crank up the reverb in a couple of places, as the song has so much space in it. What you heard was probably guitar or voice in deep echo.

Hello Richard. My 10 year old Grandson and I attended one of your all request shows at Montalvo last December. Though neither of our requests was chosen (his was 'Walk A While', I went with 'Uninhabited Man') we loved every minute. It did surprise us that so many requests were for material other than yours and some requests seemed just silly for the sake of silliness. 'When You Wish Upon a Star'? Please. Although we did enjoy the reggae version of 'Over The Rainbow', and 'Ring of Fire' was-dare I say it?-hot. So I guess my question refers to requests. From your position, enjoyable and challenging or sometimes just plain annoying? Grandson and I are looking forward to Montalvo again this coming December and hopefully hearing more RT material. Two other things. I thought I was the only person on the planet that remembered 'The Fool' by Sanford Clark but I see you performed it at one of your 1000 years shows. Also, I frequently see photos of you with fans after performances. How do they manage that? Are they just plain at the right place at the right time or are they stalkers? Maggie Pringle, Santa Rosa Ca.

I try to bone up a little on my own back catalogue for these shows, so I donít look a complete pranny, and then requests come in like ĎWhen You Wish Upon A Starí, at which I stand little chance. But these shows are edge of the seat for me, and lots of fun if they work (and deeply unsatisfying if they donít). I thought the three Montalvo shows last year were pretty good, with the first being uncannily good, and I resolve to record them this year. Also, for 2008, one of the nights may be themed towards songs of social unrest/inequality/disenfranchisement Ė consistent with a series that Montalvo is attempting to run, and will not, if it happens, be a request show Ė but this will be made clear in the run up to the shows.

I probably pose for as many pictures as I sign autographs these days. This painful process usually takes place at the merchandise table, commonly found in the foyer of your local palace of entertainment.

Patrick from Georgia asks: Richard, as a young fan, aged 16, I'd really like to see you play more America shows. It would mean a lot to me personally to see you play, and if you do more shows, will you do some in the South?

Iíll do my best! We get to quite a few shows in the south most years. We have missed Georgia of late though.

And also, will Fender ever release a signature a Richard Thompson Strat? I'd love to have one like yours.

Because I donít regularly play a Strat as my number one guitar, Fender may frown upon me as a signatory. Also, I play a fairly stock model, nothing very custom about it.