RT Argotist songwriting interview
6/2/2008 (updated 6/2/2008)

The Argotist Online

From the RT interview, Argotist Online:

"The more limited opportunities for entertainment in the Elizabethan world meant that a Shakespeare play could be seen and presumably enjoyed by all classes of society. It could contain the highest poetry and the lowest comedy, and include plenty of love interest and blood and guts. We now pick and choose our recreation from hundreds of TV channels, scores of plays, millions of websites, millions of iPod downloads. There may never be that proximity of high and low again, that uniting form that appeals across barriers again... and yet it is extraordinary to watch the audience at the reconstructed Globe Theatre in London, sitting, or standing as groundlings, for a Shakespeare performance. Half the audience are tourists, about a third are kids who donít want to be there, but in that setting the plays seem to make more sense, and everybody comes away with a positive experience. So maybe thereís a way Ö"