6/28/2008 (updated 6/28/2008)

Brett Cromwell from the Lowell Sun interviewed Richard Thompson for entertainment magazine Steppin' Out. The entire article can be read on Brett's blog audiofloss.

Q. Iím such a big fan of the Grizzly Man soundtrack, and I know youíve done some other soundtrack work recently. What are some of the rewards and challenges of working within that genre?

A. You are a slave to the picture - thatís the thing. Whatever the picture offers you to do, thatís what you have to do, and itís the directorís choice what goes and what stays. So you leave your ego at the door, and you try to be as sensitive as you can in the situation. Iíve done soundtracks that Iíve really enjoyed, and other ones that Iíve absolutely hated. Itís not something I want to do full time, but itís enjoyable. Some of the stuff Iíve done recently has been great. Speaking of Grizzly Man, Iím scoring a TV series for Animal Planet on some of Timothy Treadwellís other footage that wasnít used in the film.