Fan Questions and Answers
1/30/2003 (updated 10/11/2003)

Pumping the Bilges

In an effort to keep afloat under the weight of guest book questions, let me attempt replies to your 8 FAQs, in descending order of frequency (for no good reason):

Can we have more live music released? How about vintage recording?

As fast as we can do it, we’ll stick ‘em out - we have no shame. Please see the merchandise area of our site for such live gems as Semi-Detached Mock Tudor and Live At Crawley - in the works is “1000 Years of Popular Music”, currently being collated and mixed, and we are looking at a live performance from the eighties that we think is very good. This is an area that will hopefully balloon as more people visit the site, and we get an idea of the size of demand.

Will you provide tabs on site, and how about the long-awaited songbook?

The tabs I’ve seen on sites seem to me just about useless - I’d rather persevere with the songbook, which is a huge task, and I may recruit some help. I hope it will be at least 100 songs, with TAB where appropriate.

What about the Barrymore Video? Or other live video?

I would say there is no hope of releasing the Barrymore video. I’m not sure there is much else in the can - the BBC are doing a doc. for release next year, which will use a lot of BBC archive footage. The “1000 Years” project could possibly involve video footage and be a DVD release.

When will you return to Australia?

As soon as they’ve forgiven us for breaking the arm off that statue of Richie Benaud. In an ideal world, 2003 - and we’d love to bring the band if the economics ever work out.

More MP3s on site, please?

Good idea, we have that in mind.

Will there be re-releases of any of the older albums on CD?

Most old stuff is owned by other labels, EMI, Island, Polygram,etc. Sometimes they license stuff out, sometimes they re-release when they think fit - Island, for instance, have recalled all their licences, and are remastering certain selections (and doing a really bad job). It is mostly out of my hands.

Is the "Doom and Gloom " cassette available on CD?

This is probably a good idea - so everyone can hear that tape hiss in digital hi fidelity! I thought we were doing this anyway, but I’ll talk to My People.

When are you planning on releasing 1000Years on CD?

See above, and - at some point that isn’t a conflict with a major release - within the next 6 months?? Not absolutely sure.

Hope this is useful to somebody out there...

Peas and love,