McCabe's 50th Anniversary: A Living History of Music
10/4/2008 (updated 10/4/2008)

Royce Hall - UCLA
October 2, 2008

Early on during the 50th anniversary celebration of McCabe's Guitar Shop (the opening concert of this year's UCLA Live Season), Nancy Covey -- who booked the room from 1974-84 and (with current concert director Lincoln Myerson) put together the evening's line-up -- noted that the Santa Monica venue made everyone who worked or played there feel like family. And family was a theme that ran through the concert, both musical (there was much intermingling between the 17 acts) by marriage (Covey met her husband, guitarist Richard Thompson at the club) and blood (the daughters of Thompson and David Lindley, Kami and Rosanne, performed with their dads). The result was a warm, generous and engaging night of music.

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