August/September Q&A, Part IV
10/4/2008 (updated 10/5/2008)

Richard, We're excited about the possibility of a RTB tour next year and I was wondering if the possibility of adding your daughter Kamila on vocals to the group has ever been discussed. While I feel you've become an excellent singer in your own right you've always been a great harmonizer. Is this something she might be interested in or does the thought of touring with a bunch of old geezers (including her dad) not appeal to her? Not only does she have a great voice but she would add (no offense) a nice visual contrast to the band (although my wife thinks Pete is adorable). Thanks a lot, Robert Jordan

Kami recently joined the band onstage at the McCabes 50th Anniversary show, and did a great job singing backups on Tear-Stained Letter (with Steve Berlin playing Pete’s sax lines) and we then backed her on her own song, Little Boy Blue. Would she ever want to work with a bunch of old farts? I don’t know…could be a career-ending choice.

Speaking of the McCabes show, this was really a thrill – quite amazing performance from Odetta, and Taras, Michael and myself had a wonderful time backing The Blind Boys, Dan Hicks, Savoy/Doucet, Peter Rowan, and I did a little with Jennifer Warnes and Loudon Wainwright. Phew! If the bomb had gone off during This Land Is Your Land, that would have been the folk scene right there.

Sir, You're a casual bugger aren’t you! Fancy not having the model numbers of your Lowdens exactly right! Do you realise there are thousands, nay millions, of Lowden nerds out there globe-wide who are at this very moment frothing at the plectrum at your description of your gear on the nerdy gear page.....L27FC??? What I think you mean, m'sieur is f25c (rosywood back and sides and cedar top?) or maybe F32c (rosywood/spruce) . 'course, I may be wrong and there may be an L27FC out there, but forgive me I have not heard of such a thing. And, what about your very own namesake model - do you actually own one ?? George will be upset if you don't buy one that's named in your great and worthy honour. For that matter, you'll be upset if he hasn't given you F35cRT signature model if I'm not very much mistaken.

For those of us sad fellows who dote on your every sniff, and dote equally, if not more so (dare I venture to opine) on George's heavenly creations, how's about having a little look at the label inside the offending item and then getting one of your many minions to make the necessary change to the nerdy page? Yours BertWeedonly, John Brewins, Brighton.

L27FC is the old model #, now changed to L32C. Yes, I do own a signature model, and fab it is. Teddy has the prototype.

I'm sure you are familiar with Edinburgh, have you ever thought about parodying yourself and doing a song called Queensferry Cook? best, Rob Mackenzie

Is that the geezer with the cleaver who used to be in The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin?

Having ploughed my way through dozens of highly technical guitar Qs ...I eventually found your response re the Gibson A question is what type of soundhole pick-up do you use with it?...and if you know, what mandolin pickup Pete Zorn uses with his Flatiron?...thanks, Dave Dick in Moffat.

I don’t use the Gibson A2 on stage, but I have an Eastman with a Fishman p/u which works very well. Pete’s Flatiron has a Sunrise p/u, specially cut down by Jim Kaufman to fit the hole (and has 4 poles).