Oct/Nov Q&A, Part I
12/6/2008 (updated 12/6/2008)

Will "1000 Years of Popular Music" come to any other cities/countries in Europe other than UK/Scotland? Regards, Linus Johnson

Not on this tour – we hope to take it to many other territories in the future.

Where would someone get an acoustic Ferrington, like the one you have on the cover of Hand Of Kindness (Great album)? Do they sound good, or do you just use them for writing? Your guitar crazed fan, Patrick

Patrick, I have sent you Danny’s phone # by email, he’ll be happy to hear from you. I’ll be glad to do the same for anyone else who has a genuine enquiry. Yes, they are great-sounding guitars, and can be very stylish if that appeals as well.

When is the songbook coming out? It seems like it is taking forever? Will Sweet Warrior meet it to market? Regards, Joseph Ballerini, Stamford, CT

Sorry it’s so slow, but we want to get it right. Current reasons for delay are: we changed our minds about sequencing the songs, and are now going to do it chronologically rather than alphabetically. This makes adding updates and addenda much easier, and will use less pages, and we are hoping to use a ring binder system to facilitate this. Also, our designers have been exceptionally busy lately, among other things working on another project for us, so that’s also slowed us down a bit.

Your web page says 'Gear & Tunings' but I don't see any tunings - I assumed that you meant the string-by-string tunings used in/on/for your songs?! ...and at which fret the capo was on. How about a website section giving your lyrics, string tunings, and maybe some TAB? Allan

There is a lyric section which is fairly comprehensive. The Gearhead section tries to give a rough idea of guitars, amps, strings, etc. The songbook, forthcoming, should take care of most of the musical questions, although it will not be wall-to-wall TAB – just where we think it necessary.

The website Q&A says you are in the process of "arranging" the songbooks. Is it too late to plead that they be ordered by album and not alphabetically (that's what the index is for). A friend had a Beatles songbook arranged by album, and it was wonderful to play along with the record and be able to turn the page and have the next song waiting... Matthew Gillis

See above, although I’m not sure this will give you everything you want – with very few exceptions, albums will be represented by only a few songs each. You’ll have to do a bit of ‘stylus-lifting’.

Great to hear that things are moving forward on the songbook front. Any chance of them being ready in time to go on Santa's list this year? Steve

About the RT songbooks (bound to be a popular Christmas item when they appear). I’m wondering if I need to book space for them on the sleigh this year. Best wishes, Santa
Please don't skip Dublin when you're swinging by next year!!! Oh and if that songbook was good to go this side of Christmas, they might just all come at once...Thanks, keep well. Johnny, Dublin, obviously.

Hi there, do you know if the RT Songbook will be released in time for Christmas? Is there an approximate timeline? Thanks so much! Jill Partington

Looks like we’ve missed this holiday season, sorry.