Oct/Nov Q&A, Part II
12/5/2008 (updated 12/6/2008)

I have been trying to find a transcription for the instrumental "Flee as a bird" on the Guitar, Vocal album. Is it going to be on one of the forthcoming books please? If not does anyone know where I can get it please? Thanks. Raymond Noble

I wasnít intending to transcribe this, but if I can find it, Iíll put it up on the site. Itís in a collection called Kerrís Merry Melodies, in any one of the four volumes, published by Kerrís of Glasgow, who I think might be out of business. They also did the definitive Bothy Ballad collections.

Are there any guitar techniques you are still trying to master? And what do you make of the Kevin Pietersen captaincy so far? (Or is this a question best left unasked until this time next year?) Cheers, John Golbach

Iím trying to rediscover some classical guitar technique, which Iíve neglected, or at least modified, to suit steel strings. The Ďbounceí of a steel string is so different from nylon. I developed a two-finger tremelo to deal with steel, which can be effective, but I need to go back and learn three and four-finger again. Iím always trying to improve as a flatpicker, I think my technique is basically unsound.

Pietersen was walking on water until he hit the sub-continent. I think heís a good choice, but winning in India is tough, and with the Aussies on the wane, thereís a case for saying India are the world #1 team. If he can come away with a drawn series, that would be a great achievement.

We miss you in Historic old Annapolis ! Would you please come back to see us at the Rams Head On Stage?

Always glad to play the Rams Head Ė hope I can make it back soon.

I was given a cassette of a variety of different artists many years ago. I know that you were on the cassette. I believe that I left it in my car when I sold it and if went off to Central America. I have asked many people who are your fans if you sang this particular song. They all said no they didn't know the song. Two people from your concert last night in South Portland said that it would make for a great song. So hear it was a song about two best friends during World War II. One of the boys goes off to fight in the war and the other is sent to the Japanese camps in California. Did you ever sing this song or do you know who did. Hereís hoping for an answer!!!!!! Great concert last night. Anita

This rings no bells for me Ė anyone out there have a clue?

Fan Response

I was hoping that moving to the west coast would put me in a position to see Mr Thompson play more frequently, but don't see any Portland, Oregon shows on the docket. Any reason for this?

I've seen you play in Providence, RI (the year before recorded concert, I believe), and more recently in Flagstaff, AZ. I was certain that Mr Thompson would be playing in Portland during his most recent tour, but I see lots of California shows on the West Coast and nothing else. What gives? Should I just resign myself to taking an extended vacation down in California, or will there be a Portland/ Seattle tour stop one of these years? Currently Unrequited Thompson Fan-(Sean Smith)

I wonder if Richard is ever coming near Portland, Oregon for a concert. I know he's been here before and there are a lot of fans here. I woild attend one of his concerts anywhere within several hundered miles. Thanks, DeeAnn DeSimini

We have neglected the Northwest and the Southeast recently. Hopefully this will be remedied in the coming year.