Oct/Nov Q&A, Part III
12/5/2008 (updated 12/5/2008)

I have been admiring the marvelous (but expensive) Lowden model in your name, and wondered if you could give us your thoughts on tone woods, say Sitka or Cedar tops, and bodies of rosewood, mahogany, maple, koa or other exotics, (while they last.) Thanks, Nigel Johnson

Well, to me it’s surprising how many wood combinations seem to produce great guitars, but probably the old faithful spruce and Brazilian rosewood combo is the most consistently successful. I currently like Ziricote because it is so punchy, and I like the slightly more mellow sound of the cedar top. George Lowden has excellent notes on woods and their properties at

McCabes guitar shop in Santa Monica, CA, has the RT model on sale right now!

You've had some time with your signature Lowden with the Ziricote b/s and Cedar top. What do you think of it? How does it compare to other Lowdens you've had? Any changes you could imagine for a second run? Daniel Dorogusker

See above, and I’d say that it works superbly, and I wouldn’t think about changing anything. This is a guitar that is still opening up, and I’ll see what it sound like in 5 years.

I wonder if you have ever read any of Peter Robinson's excellent Inspector Alan Banks mystery series? Inspector Banks is a Yorkshire police detective and a bit of a music geek, and references to you and your music in and out of Fairport keep popping up in the books. Your song "Strange Affair" from "First Light" is even the title of one book and figures prominently in the plot. I think Mr. Robinson must be a huge Richard Thompson fan, or maybe he has a man-crush on you. (Not that there's anything wrong with it.)

I might have to sue him! I haven’t read these, I’ll search them out.

And speaking of crushes, have any audience members (male or female) ever tossed their undergarments and/or hotel room keys onto the stage at one of your concerts? Joyce D., a longtime fan from San Mateo, CA

Male – thank God, no – the thought of sweaty jockstraps hurtling through the air is really too much. Female – just the odd pair of XXXXXL panties. With my audience, I would expect more support hose and surgical appliances. I think my crowd is too cerebral – mostly pressed flowers and books of poetry.

I see a tour gap in November, a time I've often been able to see RT in Hawaii. Any show plans, perhaps as yet unpublished, for Hawaii this November? Aloha, Willis Howard

For various reasons, Hawaii did not work out this year. Maybe next.

All I’d like to ask Richard is when he thinks of including Holland again in his tour schedule. Thanks, Cees Otto

We played Den Haag and Amsterdam in 07, and it would be great to come back next year. We’ll see what’s possible.

Are there any plans for shows in Germany next year, especially with the 1000 years of music show??? It's been a while that RT toured Germany and never with the 1000 Years.....Thanks and kindest regards from Germany. Jörg Wollny

I played solo in Germany this year, in Ansbach, Frankfurt, and Hamburg. There are no immediate plans for ‘1000 Years’ in Europe.

When do you plan on touring Ontario, Canada again? maria posteraro

Nothing on the books yet – please check upcoming dates section.