8th Annual WFF Winter Wassail
12/19/2008 (updated 12/19/2008)

On December 4th, Richard Thompson accepted the 2008 Winnipeg Folk Festival Artistic Achievement Award for excellence in folk music. The Award is presented annually to an artist who has performed at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, who has demonstrated musical excellence, and who has contributed at an exceptional level to the field of folk music and to the community as a whole.

Every year, the Winnipeg Folk Festival Artistic Achievement Award includes an original work of art by a Manitoba artisan. This year Fred Casey, renowned Manitoba luthier, created a custom-built guitar for Richard Thompson. Here he is, presenting Richard with his beautiful guitar.
Photo by Lisa Waldner (c)

RT performs after receiving the Artistic Achievement Award.
Photo by Lisa Waldner (c)

Best dressed guest, Micheline Hay, poses with Richard Thompson.
Photo by Lisa Waldner (c)

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